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Shipping Container Conversions What You Need To Know

Shipping Container Conversions

Creating a shipping container home requires preparation just as if you were going to build any new home.

Shipping containers make excellent building structures for a variety of reasons. One of which is the abundance and relative cost of purchasing your container. From a logistical view it is often cheaper for global shipping companies to use the container once say from the Asia to Europe and then buy new containers in the Asia rather than send a ship back to Asia with a cargo of empty containers.

Whilst individual planning restrictions and codes vary from country to country and depend much on the individual planning department you are dealing with there are however a list of individual factors to take into account.

Purpose of your shipping container conversion

You could have have many motivations for building a container structure, the majority of modern builds and either residential or commercial.

A patent was granted to Philip C Clark in 1989 for the building of a container home patent number 4854094. In 2006 the first container home appeared in the U.S, built by Peter DeMaria which complied with strict building codes. Since that time a whole host of container conversions have appeared across the world. Including the View tube project for the Olympic games in London.

Just look at the various Container City projects in London and the U.K to see how shipping containers are helping to redefine not only the urban landscape but also the way we look at building materials.

Most often residential conversions are part of a drive to create sustainable and recycled living spaces. You will no doubt have a vision of what you would like the end product – the container home to look like.

Selecting an architect and designer for your container home

No home in the U.K can be built without a set of plans and blueprints. Consult with your local authority planning department right from the outset for guidance. This post gives a general overview of planning issues. Just remember that each planning office and application is individual so there are few generic rules to go by.

For advice with selecting a designer and architect call us on 0800 567 0077, visit our container conversion page for more information.

Building a container conversion home or commercial structure

A container in general is a very versatile building unit the individual components which make up the container as easily disassembled, meaning larger structures can be created from the individual units.

Lashing bars and posts are used to secure the basic container structure, most often the door assembly will need to be removed. Correct treatment of the interior surfaces to ensure effective insulation and sealing of the container structure are also important. Spray foam insulation is becoming an increasingly popular way of achieving this.

A container home will require a solid pad foundation with access for water and electrical cables. Give plenty of thought to how your container home will connect to the water mains and ensure efficient waste removal.

This video from Costa Rica show a very basic container conversion, it does serve to give you an idea of the processes involved in converting a container.

At London Shipping Containers we can guide you through the entire process of building a container conversion home, we have worked on many projects both residential and commercial. We will source containers at competitive prices and help you find the right designer to work with and experienced construction teams.

Call us first on 0800 567 077

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