Used Shipping Containers For Sale

New and Used Shipping Containers

We provide a high quality shipping container sales service offering new and used shipping containers throughout the UK. Our shipping containers come in various sizes and can be made to measure:

  • 8ft
  • 10ft
  • 20ft
  • 30ft
  • 40ft

Our shipping containers are built to ISO standards so you can trust us for the best quality. We have had many years of success in the shipping containers industry and we use our expertise and knowledge to bring our customers the most expertly built containers on the market. Whether it’s for commercial, industrial, educational or domestic use, we can offer a range of options with our shipping containers.

Whether you need CSC plating for shipping use, or you need water tight containers for an outdoor building conversion such as a canteen or an office, we can help you today.

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New Containers For Sale

These shipping containers are ideal for secure storage of almost anything from PE and gardening equipment to workshops, so you can be confident in the safe and secure storage of your goods.

All our shipping containers are built to ISO standards. We can also provide CSC plated versions for shipment of your cargo.

All the Containers that we supply for shipping purposes are certified and comply to all the high standards required.

Used Shipping Containers

All new containers are referred to as ‘Once used Containers’ that means they have been shipped from China and arrive in the UK containing their first load. As well as standard shipping containers we can provide the following:

  • Reefer Shipping Containers – Refrigerated Shipping Containers for the transportation/Shipping of perishable goods.
  • High Cube Containers – High Cube Shipping Containers are one foot taller than the standard container. Instead of being 8’6” tall they are 9’6” tall.
  • Open side / Curtain Containers – The container opens with folding doors all along one side.
  • Tunnel Containers – These Containers open with double doors at both ends instead of just the one end.
  • Open Top Containers – These containers have a removable top made of tarpaulin.

Our shipping containers are not specifically aimed towards any particular market but are adaptable to a variety of uses for example we provide to:

  • Army – for ammunition storage
  • Schools – PE equipment, changing rooms and temporary class rooms
  • Hospitals – supplies and temporary morgues
  • Building trade – Tools and temporary offices
  • Flood victims – storage of goods and temporary homes
  • Secure self storage – individual or self store companies
  • Farmers – Chemical stores, farm yard equipment and tack rooms
  • Government

If you have any questions or concerns regarding shipping container delivery we would relish the opportunity to discuss them with you. Click here for our contact details.